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I am a self taught Artist and although that means I have no formal training ; my training comes from the people and things around me. I find experience to be a firm and effective tutor. I got started at age 11 by just experimenting with different colours, textures and mediums. I couldn't have anticipated that I could interpret so much of life in my pieces, and that people would relate to it! The more I allowed myself to explore different styles and ideas, the more my work took flight. 


My work is very modern and I am driven by inspiration. My style is ever changing but currently I love experimenting with colour and how mixed media work with it.I love playing around with expressionism, movement and eliciting emotion by my pieces. I like to incorporate emotion because we are a people driven by our emotions. Colours have a way of conveying that through art. Abstract art is truly where my heart is and I'm sticking to that story!


What is amazing is that I get to do what I love. When a client gets the final image of their work and say something like "it took my breath away" its the greatest reward for me. Join me on this journey!

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