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Dining in Design

It was such a great honour to have one of my favourite pieces of all time be featured on the Marilyn Dennis Show in February, 2019.

Watch the video here for design tips and tricks as well as Home decor hacks that will leave you oh so inspired!

Designer; Amanda Aerins' segment on the show is your one-stop-shop for everything fresh and modern in interior design. 

The name of this piece is "Happens" and it is featured piece in my Fragments collection. Its vibrant colours and retro scheme; makes a perfect accent piece in any room.

Doesn't matter if its B/W!

I thought was a huge fan of black and white; and then I worked with M.J Ellle. Her love for stark contrasts and B&W had me completely inspired to create this unique piece.

As beautiful as colour is; there is just something daring about a monochromatic scheme; especially black and white.

This was a one of a kind creation but I would happily create something similar if requested. Interested? Click here to check out more monochromatic pieces and here to request a custom piece.

Art for the Home!

36 x 48"

Oil on Canvas

Gold Leaf

One of a kind creation for Zivanka of

Room To Grow

When Kelly of Olivia and The Creepy Crawlies* asked me to design the back of their new vinyl album; i was stoked! Not only was a big fan of their unique indie music but they were a lover of modern art and I knew we would be a good fit. 

This original oil and gold leaf piece  was created to be used as the back cover of their vinyl album. I loved working with these creative minds to create something truly special. 

Find their music here.

*Update: Olivia and The Creepy Crawlies has discontinued their Band since. 


I loved working with Candace Alongi of @themintedmamma to create this unique piece for a bedroom makeover reveal. 

Cool grays, blush pinks and titanium white were the stars of this piece. Its daring, yet calming and styled perfectly! 

Wanna know how she achieved this look? Head on over to her blog and find out! For more information on this piece please contact me!



Art with HeArt!

Alexander Kenton and Justine; both lovers of art and style, were the perfect pair for this contemporary abstract piece. 

The name "Winter" captured the crystallized look, and its hints of pink and grey draws the eye in. 

Alexander, an artist himself, helped design the piece and it now hangs in their stylish home. 

This 30 x 40" Piece was a one of a kind creation but if you are interested in a recreation click here.

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