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Create a statement with a customized Wall Mural for your space.  If youre looking for inspiration, any of my abstract paintings can be turned into a Mural with a similar style and feel. 


The pricing for murals are based on the sizing of the wall (priced per square foot+ applicable taxes).


There are three tiers of detail and texture;

  • Light Texture & Detail  $45/ Sq Ft.
  • Medium Texture & Detail $60/ Sq Ft.
  • Heavy Texture & Detail $75/Sq Ft.


For example a 9 x 7' baseprice would be calculated as such;


9 x 7= 63 x $45+ Tax



What you are now paying for is the deposit.


Once you select the amount of detail you require, you will recieve an email with an invoice based on your wall size. This email wil reflect the total amount.


*If you require more details and intricate design the base price will be negoated to reflect that. 


Service Area


At this time, this service will only be availiable to homes and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Once a mural is purchased, you will recieive an email from Kichael to start the design process. 


Lead Time


Your mural will completed in a 2 Days-A Week. This of course depends on the amount of detail that the piece requires.  Kichael will provide all of the tools, materials and supplies needed to complete the project. She will also take care of the protection of your ajoining walls and flooring. 


It will be the responsibility of the client to move and furniture prior to the Mural start date. 


Wall Mural Deposit

  • For each Mural design request, you are directed to fill out the form on my Design Lab.

    This tells me things like your wall size, colour choices and texture preferences. 

    You can submit a form at any time (before or after ordering). 


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